UM Shore Nursing & Rehabilitation Center at Chestertown is a comprehensive, 98-bed health care facility providing skilled and intermediate care and rehabilitation services. An affiliate of the University of Maryland Medical System, the Center is certified by both Medicare and Medicaid.

UM Shore Nursing & Rehab also offers sub-acute medical services including IV medications, treatment of aggressive wounds, and post-surgical care — all coordinated within a comprehensive rehabilitation program tailored to the specific needs of each resident or patient. Our fully licensed and credentialed rehabilitation services team is well-known for providing outstanding care for patients recovering from surgery or hospitalization. 

Services of UM Shore Nursing & Rehabilitation Center include:

Rehabilitation Treatment Services

Treatment services are delivered by a team of rehab specialists who include patients and their families in the planning and rehabilitation process. Depending on the needs of the patient, specialized treatment may include: orthopedic, neurologic, amputee, and comprehensive rehabilitation; pain management; cognitive remediation; BID therapy treatments; IV therapy; rehabilitation/restorative nursing; home safety assessment; and family training.

Physical Therapy meets the needs of clients who have a loss of function or independence due to an injury or illness. These treatments help clients improve strength and regain functional abilities such as walking and balance and aid in their recovery from painful injuries and/or surgical interventions. 

Occupational Therapy helps patients return to their optimal level of well-being in activities of daily living. Functional skills such as self-feeding, bathing, dressing, toileting and homemaking are taught.  Outcome-oriented occupational therapy may include the following: 

  • activities of daily living;
  • splint fabrication and modification;
  • upper extremity strengthening and coordination;
  • assistive device management; 
  • assessment/training;
  • instruction in self-help tasks;
  • cognitive/perceptual assessment and training, including recommendations for environmental adaptation
  • energy conservation techniques; 
  • safety training

Speech Therapy -- Speech pathologists treat clients who have speech, language, swallowing and hearing impairments. Communication and swallowing are two functional skills improved through speech therapy. Treatment includes:  

  • speech-language evaluation/therapy; 
  • swallowing (Dysphagia) evaluation and treatment, including food texture evaluation and recommendations;
  • alternative means of communication assessment and training; 
  • vocal evaluation and treatment; and
  • cognitive assessment and training. 

Short Stay Inpatient Rehabilitation -- Too often, patients discharged from the hospital have a number of risk factors for poor or delayed recovery and/or for re-admission to the hospital. These factors include:

  • impaired balance and/or overall physical weakness;
  • poorly understood medicine and/or other treatment protocols
  • a new diagnosis that warrants additional patient and caregiver education; and
  • inability to provide proper self-care and/or a caregiver who needs training

UM Shore Nursing and Rehabilitation Center offers short-stay (5-10 days) in-patient rehabilitation for at-risk patients. Each short-stay rehab patient receives a personalized plan that is based on his or her particular needs and is designed to facilitate a safe transition to the home.

Long-Term Care

We help our long-term residents achieve and maintain their highest level of well-being and quality of life. Services are provided by a team of friendly licensed/certified staff members dedicated to insuring the privacy and dignity of individuals entrusted to our care. The residents and their loved ones become part of our family, and we encourage their participation in our social and recreational activities and programs. 

Comprehensive physical therapy for long-term care residents includes: 

  • gait training with assistive devices; 
  • muscle re-education; 
  • muscle strengthening and coordination; 
  • prosthetic evaluation and training; 
  • transfer training; and, 
  • pain management.

Respite Care

Respite care is short-term residential care for individuals living in the community whose family or caregivers need to travel or attend to other matters. Our respite care service offers 24-hour nursing, meals, medication monitoring, and daily activities. Respite care patients are included in Center activities.

Hospice Suite

Inpatient hospice care is provided to patients under the supervision of their physicians in our hospice suite. Designed to accommodate patients for whom in-home hospice care is not possible, the suite includes a private room with private bath and offers a warm and comfortable setting for patients and their visitors. 


We offer a broad array of dining options, created daily by our experienced and highly professional food service staff. We recognize that each individual has his or her own unique nutritional and dietary needs, in many cases prescribed by a physician, and every effort is made to customize and prepare meals to meet the individual needs and preferences. 

To optimize socialization, individuals are encouraged to enjoy meals in the Center’s recently updated “bistro style” dining room. Tables are attractively set with table coverings and centerpieces, ensuring a pleasant and rewarding dining experience. Patients may invite family and friends to dine with them for a nominal charge.


For residents and patients at UM SNR at Chestertown, well-being means a variety of fun and interesting activities, including day trips, arts and crafts, classes, and religious services — all of which provide  the opportunity for spiritual, cultural and educational enrichment. 

The Center also offers It’s Never 2 Late (IN2L) computer programs for residents and patients. IN2L addresses the need for individualized, accessible computer and internet technology that enhances the quality of life in senior communities. The program provides safe and easy Internet access and email, enriches communication with family and community members, enhances independence, and also increases cognitive stimulation.

For more information, contact:

UM Shore Nursing and Rehabilitation Center at Chestertown
200 Morgnec Road
Chestertown, MD 21620
TEL: 410-778-4550