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Manual physical (musculoskeletal) therapy is defined as the skilled passive movement to a joint and/or related soft tissues of the spine and extremities. Every physical therapist receives some training in manual physical therapy in the process of completing his or her professional education and training. 

To assist patients in achieving optimal recovery, Shore Regional Health’s Comprehensive Rehabilitation Services physical therapists have earned advanced certification in a number of specialized approaches to manual physical therapy. These approaches include: 

  • Extremity mobilization and manipulation 

  • Spinal mobilization and manipulation 

  • Mobilization with movement 

  • Neural mobilization 

  • Myofascial release 

  • ASTYM - Augmented soft tissue mobilization 

  • Manual lymph drainage 

For more information, contact:
Shore Regional Health
Outpatient Rehabilitation Services
TEL 410-827-3818