Our Nutrition Centers are a community health service staffed by registered, licensed dietitians. The Centers offer nutritional care and counseling on a wide variety of nutrition to help you follow a healthy lifestyle and make food choices that optimize your nutritional status.

Our registered dietitians provide extensive nutrition counseling for clients with specific medical conditions, for example:

  • Weight control (including behavior modification)

  • Bariatric Nutrition Counseling (pre- and post-surgery)

  • Diabetes management

  • Dietary guidelines for preventing or managing heart disease

  • Nutritional concerns of the individual with cancer

  • Recommendations for dietary management in the case of kidney disease 

  • Nutritional needs during periods of growth and development, such as pregnancy, childhood and adolescence

  • Nutritional needs of athletes

Speaking to groups and organizations is also a service offered by our registered dietitians as well at nurse educators. To request an informative presentation for your membership or employees, please contact the nearest Nutrition Center, as below.