University of Maryland Shore Regional Health provides home-based care through two home health agencies:

The goal of all home-based care programs is to help each patient maintain optimal health and independence in his or her home setting, whether a family residence, a group home or a residential care facility. We also strive to:

  • Educate patients and their families to properly use equipment at home

  • Ensure compliance with medication and rehabilitation regime

  • Assist hospitals and physicians in decreasing patient hospital length of stay and readmissions

  • Increase safety awareness  

  • Decrease fall risk

Working with each patient’s primary health care provider, home care staff members develop an individualized program of care to meet the patient’s needs and encourage progress toward optimal health. Staff members also maintain contact with all clients and the clients’ primary care physicians regarding progress and review and update all care plans every 60 days or less. Each home care client’s care plan includes:

  • A list of needed services
  • The professionals needed to provide these services
  • How often services are needed
  • Equipment needed
  • Food/nutrition guidelines
  • Anticipated results based on pre-set timelines

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