Our Vision for the Future of Health Care in Dorchester County

Updated Communication - 8/3/2018

July 31st Public Information Meeting Presentation

At University of Maryland Shore Regional Health, we understand the unique challenges of access to quality health care in a rural community such as Dorchester County. Working with local leaders, health care professionals, and community members, we are evolving our health care services to meet the community’s most pressing needs, now and for the future. So while health care is changing, our commitment to your health is stronger than ever.

UM Shore Regional Health’s vision is to provide patient centered health care within a new state-of-the-art campus for health care services in Cambridge, designed to conveniently serve the residents of Dorchester County and its neighbors. 

The medical campus will include two University of Maryland Shore Regional Health buildings:

Learn more about UM Shore Regional Health’s transition plan for UM Shore Medical Center at Dorchester.

Medical Campus at Cambridge Location:
Cambridge Marketplace
Directly off Ocean Gateway (Route 50) at the corner of Woods Road.


We were happy to address many questions from the community at our Public Information Meeting on July 31, 2018 (see presentation link, above).  If you are a member of the public or an EMS provider with a question or comment on the hospital transition that isn’t addressed in the meeting presentation slides, please contact:

UM Shore Regional Health
219 S. Washington St.
Easton, MD 21601
Attn: Patti Willis
410-822-1000, ext. 5508
Email: Patti.Willis@umm.edu