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Thank you for your interest in the latest issue of Maryland's Health Matters! At University of Maryland Shore Regional Health, we are committed to giving you and your family the information you need to live healthfully. We hope you enjoy it!

Your Advanced Practice Provider Will See You Now (pages 6-9)

Growing numbers of advanced practice providers at University of Maryland Shore Regional Health are improving access to care and helping patients take a more active role in their own health care.

The Truth About Vaccines (page 4-5)

Vaccines are safe, save lives and are recommended on a schedule that best protects your child.

The Full Spectrum of Care (page 10)

The University of Maryland Medical Center's Inflammatory Bowel Disease Program fights complex digestive diseases with a holistic approach.

5 Ways to Improve Gut Health (page 13)

A health balance and diversity of bacteria in the lower gastrointestinal tract (the gut) is a key part of good health. Good bacteria in the gut help digest and absorb nutrients from food and boost the immune system.

Advancing Health Care in Your Community (page 14)

Your support makes a world of difference and you can help in a number of ways throughout our five-county service area.

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