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The Many Benefits of Palliative Care (pages 6-9)

In the case of a serious or chronic health issue, UM Shore Regional Health’s Palliative Care program is here to help. But what is Palliative Care and how can it benefit patients and their loved ones? Lakshmi Vaidyanathan, MD, medical director, Palliative Care explains in this video:

Intelligent Technology, Compassionate Care (pages 10-12)

The University of Maryland Medical Center’s Thoracic Surgery Evisit Program Connects Mesothelioma patients to expert treatment. Learn more about thoracic surgery and the types of conditions that warrant a recommendation for thoracic surgery.

Introducing New Providers... (page 14)

UM Shore Regional Health recently welcomed new providers in neurology and sleep medicine Elmyra Encarnacion, MD, diabetes & endocrinology Lisa Bronaugh, MD, and (primary care) Katelyn Chapman, FNP-C and Matthew Reetz, DO. Learn more about these and other providers seeing patients in our five county region.