What is Suprapubic Tube Placement?

A suprapubic tube is a catheter that is inserted into your bladder through the lower part of your abdomen in order to empty your bladder. This tube may be plugged into a bag or may be capped and periodically drained.

Who is a candidate?

Those patients who cannot empty their bladders are potential candidates.

How do I have one placed?

If you should decide to have a suprapubic tube placed after discussing all available options with your physician, UM Rehabilitation & Orthopaedic Institute can schedule your procedure. The procedure takes approximately 10 minutes in the operating room. You will be sent home shortly after the procedure has been completed.

How do I manage the tube?

Initially, we allow the site to heal for 6 weeks. After this, we will change the tube and place a new one. Once the tube has been changed once, we can either teach you how to do this at home or we can change it for you every 4-6 weeks. We recommend periodically irrigating the tube to remove sediment and prevent stone formation.

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