Goal Oriented Treatment Approach

University of Maryland Rehabilitation and Orthopaedic Institute's Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation Program provides clinical evaluation, medical care and therapeutic activities tailored to each patient's individual goals, needs and abilities. Comprehensive rehabilitation services are provided to help patients recover daily living skills, achieve community re-entry, and address any problems in areas such as:

  • Range of motion, strength, coordination and endurance
  • Self care skills
  • Training and use of standard and/or power wheelchairs
  • Bowel and bladder management
  • Pre-vocational skills
  • Leisure skills

Patients receive physical, occupational, speech/language and recreational therapy six days a week to help them reach their rehabilitation goals. The Spinal Cord Injury Program places a strong emphasis on patient/caregiver education, offering a comprehensive program that addresses topics such as:

  • Coping with spinal cord injury
  • Sexuality
  • Attendant/caregiver issues
  • Skin/Nutrition
  • Parenting and child care issues
  • Travel issues with mobility and home accessibility
  • Bowel and bladder management
  • Health and wellness

Patients admitted to the inpatient portion of the Spinal Cord Injury Program must be able to actively participate in three or more hours of daily therapy. The length of stay for spinal cord injury patients varies between approximately two to eight weeks, depending on individual need. Over eighty percent of our patients return home after discharge.

To refer a patient to the Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation program, or for more information, please contact the University Post Acute Referral Service at 410-328-8680.