Volunteer assisting patient playing adapted golf

Volunteer support is critical to our success. While many members of the University of Maryland Rehabilitation Institute's team devote time and energy to make this program possible, we are always looking for volunteers from the community, who are willing to join our efforts and help assure that every person who participates in Adapted Sports has an enjoyable and fulfilling experience.

Ongoing volunteer opportunities are available through our wheelchair basketball, wheelchair rugby and adapted golf programs. We need extra hands to help with set up, equipment transport and coordination, drills and take down for each of these sports, on a seasonal, continuous basis. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact the coordinator of the program you wish to be involved with:

Wheelchair Basketball

Contact: Mike Henley (mhenley@umm.edu or 410-448-6307)

Wheelchair Rugby

Contact: Lori Patria (lpatria@umm.edu or 410-448-6275)

Adapted Golf

Contact: Pam Cauley (pcauley@umm.edu or 410-448-6320)

Adapted Sports Festival

We also actively recruit volunteers to support our annual Adapted Sports Festival, held in September of each year. This one day event provides a tremendous opportunity for people to learn about all of the adapted sports and activities that are available, while meeting others who face similar lifestyle challenges. To volunteer, please fill out our online volunteer form.

Other Volunteer Opportunities

In addition to volunteering with the Adapted Sports Program, volunteers are also needed in other areas at UM Rehab. Learn more about opportunities as a Hospital Volunteer working with patients or in therapy.