Man putts during the UM Rehab adapted golf program

The University of Maryland Rehabilitation & Orthopaedic Institute offers a comprehensive adapted golf program, allowing participants with disabilities to get out on the green and enjoy the game too.

We encourage our players to also bring along a buddy with disabilities to play and learn the game.

In partnership with Forest Park Golf Course, the University of Maryland Rehabilitation & Orthopaedic Institute offers two spring golf clinics, followed by weekly golf outings on Tuesday evenings throughout the summer months.

The season culminates with a “Mix and Mingle” golf tournament in the Fall, which pairs a golfer with a disability and a golfer without a disability together for a day of fun and friendly competition. There are many assistive devices available; Solo golf carts with swivel seats are used, allowing players to hit from the seated position, as well as golf clubs with flexible shafts and gripping aids.

The golf program is open to players over the age of 15. There is no charge for the clinic and discounted tee times are offered through Forest Park Golf Course for practice play.

"The outcomes of adapted golf are amazing," said Pam Cauley, adapted golf program coordinator. "Some players report that it helps with their balance. It also gives people a social outlet that builds self-esteem and confidence. We have a wonderful partner in Forest Park Golf Course; they provide resources and let us play at our own pace so that we can learn and have fun."

For further information about the adapted golf program, and to register for the next clinic, please call Pam Cauley, CTRS, at 410-448-6320.

Adapted Golf Program: Philanthropy at work

Paragolf all terrrain wheel chair on the first tee box

The University of Maryland Rehabilitation & Orthopedic Institute is proud to announce, thanks to Philanthropic Support, the new ParaGolfer All Terrain Wheelchair edition to our Adapted Golf Program.

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