If you are working at the University of Maryland Medical Center (UMMC), Midtown Campus, for a clinical nursing student rotation, there is paperwork you'll need to review and complete before your start date.

All forms must be completed for paperwork to be processed.

Additional policies and guidelines have been added for reference. All students should read these policies and are expected to adhere to these standards.

Nursing and Any Other Patient Care Service Students

Practicum/Transition/Capstone Students (Undergraduate, CNL)

Advanced Practice Rotations (Graduate Level – NP, CNS, CRNA, PA)

Policies/Guidelines for Reference

  • Flu Vaccination (HRM-114)
  • Nursing Student Placement and Supervision (ADP-006)

Parking Information

Students should park on the 1st Floor of the Madison Street Garage (Connected to the main hospital building; entrance is at the south end of Linden Avenue near Madison Avenue)

Parking Tickets must be purchased in increments of 5 for the cost of $7.50 or 10 for $15.00. There are no monthly passes available for students.

Contact Cindy Brown or Wallace Greene at 410-225-8046 for more information.