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The most effective wound treatment plan happens as part of a larger, multidisciplinary treatment plan. Managing your current medical conditions and risk factors goes a long way toward helping your body heal. The University of Maryland Medical Center Midtown Campus is here to help with a range of support services.

Health and Wellness Programs

We provide health and wellness programs to help residents manage chronic conditions including diabetes and high blood pressure. We also offer programs that support you in making positive lifestyle changes, like losing weight, quitting smoking, and exercising regularly.

Find out more by calling our community outreach department at 410-328-8402 or visiting the health and wellness page.

Community Health Education Center

The University of Maryland Medical Center Midtown Campus offers a range of free health screenings, wellness programs, risk assessments, and referrals through its Community Health Education Center (CHEC).

To learn more, please call 443-552-CHEC (2432) or "CHEC it out" online.

Financial Assistance

If you are not able to afford the medical care you need, you have options. You may be able to take advantage of programs that reduce your medical costs.

To learn more, or to apply for financial assistance, please call 410-821-4140 or review financial assistance policies and application procedures online.

Insurance Information

As part of UMMC Midtown, the Wound Healing Center takes a wide range of insurance types. To find out if we take your insurance plan, please call 410-552-2987 or contact your insurance company directly.

During your visit, we will ask you for your insurance card and other information. UMMC Midtown will bill your insurance directly. If you cannot afford your medical care, there is help available. Please contact the hospital’s financial assistance department to learn about your options.

For more insurance-related information, please visit the hospital’s insurance page.


When you receive care at the Wound Healing Center, you will receive two bills. One covers physician services, and the other covers outpatient hospital services.

  • Physician bill (billed through University of Maryland Faculty Physicians, Inc.): this bill lists the fees from the doctors who provided your care at the Wound Healing Center
  • Outpatient bill: this bill lists charges for the use of the hospital outpatient facilities and includes the cost of tests and procedures.

For more insurance and billing information, please see UMMC Midtown’s insurance page.

Medical Records

You can request a copy of your medical records by calling UMMC Midtown’s health information management department at 410-225-8310.

For more information about getting medical records, please visit the hospital’s medical records page.

Information for Friends and Family

Have a friend or family member being treated at the Wound Healing Center? The for visitors page has everything you need to know before you head over.