man using laptop

With continual use of technology, your eyes may not get much of a break. But following these few tips can help you maintain healthy vision.

  1. To prevent your eyes from straining, avoid continuous use of a computer or watching television for more than two hours at a time.
  2. Do not read in dark or dim lighting. Instead, read in a well-lit area or with a small reading light.
  3. Consume foods high in certain key nutrients, which optimize the health of your eyes. Eat foods rich in vitamin C, such as bell peppers, spinach, broccoli and Brussels sprouts. Vitamin A is also essential for eye health and is found in vegetables like carrots and sweet potatoes.
  4. Quit smoking. Smoking has been linked to an increased risk of cataracts, optic nerve damage and macular degeneration.
  5. Wear wraparound sunglasses when you are in the sun. Choose sunglasses that are labeled as blocking 99 to 100 percent of both UVA and UVB rays.
  6. Be sure to have an eye examination once every year to detect any problems and prevent them from worsening.