A mammogram is an imaging procedure using x-rays that detects abnormalities in the breast tissue. These abnormalities include lumps in the breast tissue, thickening of the breast tissue, or significant changes in the size or shape of the breast.

The Imaging Department at UMMC Midtown Campus offers two types of mammograms—screening and diagnostic mammograms. Screening mammograms aim to detect problems in their early stages and are given to women who are not experiencing breast pain or breast abnormalities. Diagnostic mammograms are used when a woman has detected an abnormality in the breast tissue or is noticing symptoms of breast cancer.

Doctors recommend that women age 40 and older receive an annual mammogram as a means to detect changes that may indicate early cancer. If there is a history of breast cancer in your family, your health care provider may suggest starting annual mammograms earlier.

Because we want our patients to have the most comfortable experience possible, we offer a mammography pad with each exam to help cushion the breast. Before your exam, remember not to use any powders, lotions, deodorants or creams, as these products may contain aluminum which can interfere with the imaging process. Please bring a referral from your physician (this is required) and, if possible, any images you received from previous mammograms at other facilities.