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Winter 2022 Maryland Health Matters

Cover Story: A Deeper Healing (Page 6)

The University of Maryland Medical Center Wound Healing Center treats patients with compassion and cutting-edge technology. Read about Jacqueline Jackson's experience with Wound Center and comprehensive team of experts.

Learn more about the Wound Healing Center at the UMMC Midtown Campus.

Ear Infection 101 (Page 5)

Five out of six children will have a least one ear infection before age 3.  This article provides tips on how to avoid ear infections and how to deal with them if your child gets one.

If your child shows signs of hearing loss or chronic ear infections, you may need to see an ear, nose and throat specialist. Find a pediatrician who can determine the best next step.

Your Heart on Snooze (Page 9)

When you sleep, your heart doesn't take the night off, but catching enough zzz's helps it stay fit for duty. Inadequate sleep can affect your heart health in a variety of ways, this article explores how sleep and heart are related and how you can keep your heart healthy.

Don't put your heart at risk by waiting to seek help for poor sleep. To schedule an appointment with a sleep specialist at the University of Maryland Sleep Disorders Center, please call 410-706-4771.

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