Our Mission

University of Maryland Medical Center is the academic flagship of the University of Maryland Medical System. Its mission is to provide health care services on its two campuses for the Baltimore community, the State of Maryland and the nation. In partnership with the University of Maryland School of Medicine and the University of Maryland health professional schools, we are committed to:

  • Delivering superior health care
  • Training the next generation of health professionals
  • Discovering ways to improve health outcomes worldwide

Our Vision

UMMC will be known for providing high value and compassionate care, improving health in Maryland and beyond, educating future health care leaders and discovering innovative ways to advance medicine worldwide.

Our Values

Respect and Integrity

  • We genuinely care for each other and we acknowledge the dignity of every person in every role, including our patients and families.
  • We are committed to honesty, fairness, sincerity and ethical behavior in all of our interactions, starting with how we treat each other.
  • Our personal and professional conduct ensures that we are always worthy of trust.

Teamwork and Collaboration

  • We collaborate, share knowledge and listen carefully to each other so that we can achieve our potential and optimize results.
  • We embrace the individual contributions of our team members while working together to achieve our common mission.

Excellence and Innovation

  • We seek improved solutions to meet new challenges and to constantly advance for the good of our patients, our students, our partners and our communities.
  • We are dedicated, motivated and encouraging to each other so that we can excel in everything we do.

Diversity and Inclusion

  • We welcome and embrace a range of human experiences, ideas and perspectives.
  • We involve and empower all people so they share a sense of belonging and can make meaningful contributions.
  • We appreciate and celebrate our differences, creating an environment of equity and inclusion with opportunities for everyone to reach their potential.