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TigerConnect is the communication and on-call scheduling platform for the enterprise.

Getting Started

Mobile App

Step 1: Download the app “TigerConnect” from your App Store (Apple) or Google Play (Android) 

Step 2: Install TigerConnect

  • iOS – Tap Get, then Install (You may have to enter your Apple ID Password.) 
  • Android – Tap TigerConnect Secure Messenger App, then Install, then Accept

Step 3: Log in with your UMMS Email username and password or your EPICusername@umm.edu and EPIC Password. 

  • Example: jxsmith@umm.edu – This is the same as your Doc Halo login. If you have any problems, please call the Helpdesk at 410-328-4357 for assistance. 
Download one of the quick start guides below:

Desktop/Web App


User Guides

Teams & Roles


Do's and Don'ts for Secure Texting


  • Stay in contact with your practice
  • Communicate quickly with medical staff who request consults
  • Send or receive pictures of a patient's condition (wound, rash, EKG, x-ray) to help inform your decision making
  • Communicate with the medical staff, nurses pharmacists, and care managers on the floor


  • Do not place orders through secure texting
  • Do not text non-urgent issues in the middle of the night
  • Do not contact the attending out of convenience when someone else should be contacted first (such as a resident or fellow)
  • Do not presume who the contact person is prior to checking notes or the call schedule
  • Do not push a text through about patient care if the provider states they are "off" within the app
  • Do not text for personal reasons because your personal doctor is available on secure texting
  • You don’t always need to reply to a message. In clinical situations, it is important to close the loop, letting the sender know you have read their message (e.g., responding to a critical lab value sent by lab or nursing). However, when a message is an “FYI” (for your information), the sender will know you have read it within Tiger Connect.

TigerConnect Features

  • Reliable and Secure Texting (encrypted and HITRUST certified)
  • Ability to attach photos, videos and file attachments
  • Know when a message is sent, delivered and read
  • TigerConnect Teams streamline care team collaboration and are made up of Roles, Individuals or both
  • Enhanced scheduling integration allowing on-call scheduling and care team collaboration in one platform
  • Continuity of care through automated role-assumption and conversation history to ensure seamless shift handoff
  • Communication can be tailored with team, broadcast and priority messaging
  • Click to call in-application voice communication with phone number masking
  • Intuitive smartphone app for both IOS and Android, along with a web portal and desktop application

TigerConnect Roles Handoff (NEW):

  • Keep your messages at shift change.
  • No longer receive messages from previous shifts in the role you take over.
  • If these are features you are interested in for the role(s) that you cover, please discuss with your service or department lead.

Reference Guides for Roles Handoff


Contact the Helpdesk

If you need help, please contact the Helpdesk:

  • You may call the Helpdesk at 410-328-4357.
  • If you would like access to TigerConnect, please use the Helpdesk portal for access requests. (You will need to be on the UMMS network to access this link.)
tiger connect