pharmacyOur Pharmacy Team works collaboratively with primary care providers to improve the quality and costs of pharmacy care for patients in the outpatient setting by optimizing drug therapy and improving medication adherence. 


Our pharmacy initiatives include:  

  • Comprehensive Medication Therapy Management (CMTM) - Assessment of the patient’s medications to evaluate disease-drug and drug-drug interactions, medication adherence and patient education issues. CMTM allows for optimized medication use and prevention of unnecessary utilization and costs. 
  • Transitions of Care Services – Medication reconciliation with appropriate documentation and recommendations after transitions of care to reduce readmissions and optimize medication use. 
  • Complex Case Management – The Pharmacy Team works synergistically with the patient’s care management team to identify patients eligible for pharmacy services through the use of an established referral system. 
  • Chronic Disease Management Programs – Patients with chronic disease are referred to CMTM services to optimize the medication regimen and identify actual and/or potential drug related issues using evidence-based guidelines. 
  • Pharmacotherapy Consults - Provision of pharmacist’s expertise for medication-related issues upon consultation by the provider to answer any drug- related questions. 

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