The Pharmacy Team works collaboratively with primary care providers to improve the quality and costs of pharmacy care for patients in the outpatient setting by optimizing drug therapy and improving medication adherence.


  • Comprehensive Medication Therapy Management (CMTM) – Assessment of the patient’s medications to evaluate disease-drug and drug-drug interactions, medication adherence and patient education issues CMTM
  • Transitions of Care Services – Medication reconciliation with appropriate documentation and recommendations after transitions of care to reduce readmissions and optimize medication use
  • Medication Adherence Support – The Pharmacy Team assists patients in identifying reasons for medication non- adherence and developing strategies to overcome these barriers and connect patients to appropriate resources
  • Polypharmacy – Provide medication reviews and medication reconciliation for patients on multiple complex medication regimens to optimize medication use and decrease unnecessary utilization
  • Pharmacotherapy Consults –  Provision of pharmacist’s expertise for medication- related issues upon consultation by the provider to answer any drug-related questions