Mother and daughter on a telemedicine appointment

Monday - Friday: 10 am - 4 pm

UM Urgent Care is now offering convenient, safe, health care experiences, from the comfort of the patient’s home via telemedicine appointments.

Providers performing telemedicine will focus on safety and quality without compromising a signature experience. 

From cough and colds, to cuts and fevers, we see patient for a variety of injuries and illnesses. Schedule an online appointment today.

Should I Have My Appointment Online or In Person?

There are some instances when it's best for you to come in and be seen by one of our team members. Telemedicine allows us to meet quickly, but sometimes advanced diagnostic equipment and procedures are needed to give you the best care.

Cases when it may be better to visit one of our urgent care locations includes:

  • Abdominal or non-musculoskeletal chest pain
  • Complicated medical conditions such as heart failure, cancer, renal disease
  • Physical procedures (stitches, removing a splinter, etc.)
  • Sprains,  broken bones, or other conditions where X-rays may be required

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