All UM Urgent Care locations can test for the monkeypox virus by swabbing the lesions, or spots, on the skin. Test results are typically available in 2-3 days. Monkeypox testing is a PCR test that can only be performed on skin lesions.

Learn More: See the Centers for Disease Control's information about monkeypox.

There is no screening test for people that may have been exposed but do not have spots on their skin. However, if you believe you have been exposed to monkeypox, but are not experiencing any symptoms, please contact your local health department.

Monkeypox Treatment

The majority of patients with monkeypox will recover without any need for further treatment. If treatment is needed, UM Urgent Care is able to assist with arranging a referral for treatment at the THRIVE Program in Baltimore or another location.

Patients who test positive for monkeypox must isolate until all skin spots have healed and avoid skin-to-skin contact with others or contact with cloth or fabric that an infected person has come in contact with.

Patients can spread monkeypox to animals so isolation from family pets is recommended as well.