The University of Maryland Quality Care Network (UM QCN) was designed to help health care providers practice medicine more effectively. Through a provider-led network that shares a common population health philosophy, the UM QCN fosters a care delivery platform that is all-patient and all-payer capable, allowing the system to succeed in value-based care. 

Supporting this vision, the UM QCN delivers innovative and high-quality medical management programs, including care management models, to oversee the longitudinal care of target populations; and deploys a population health technology platform that will consolidate disparate data sources, support deep analytics and enable effective care management work flows.

Why Join?

As part of the UM QCN, you can:

  • Be leaders in creating a physician-led effort to create a better system for providers and patients.
  • Have access to medical management infrastructure to enable care of chronically-ill and at-risk patients and enhance quality care for all.
  • Receive collective technical support and access to IT infrastructure.
  • Demonstrate quality and value to current and future patients and payers including CMS.
  • Share in enhanced revenue through pay-for-performance incentives and alternative payment methodologies.

Participating Providers

For more information, please contact:
Patrick Dooley
VP, Executive Director, UMMS Population Health