UM QCN Compliance

Karen Wilding
Anonymous Reporting: 
Internal Hotline - 410-328-3889 (DUTY) 
Toll-Free Hotline - 877-300-3889 (DUTY)

Compliance Committee

  • Karen Wilding 
  • Stacy Garrett-Ray, MD
  • Patrick Dooley
  • Sharandeep Singhota, MD
  • Marc Falcone
  • Pranali Trivedi
  • Danielle Tritone

Compliance Policies

In accordance with CMS regulations, UM QCN has put into effect the following policies to govern how the QCN will maintain compliance. If you need further clarification on a certain topic listed below, you may email the UM QCN Compliance Officer to obtain copies of these policies.

  • Scope & Objective Policy
  • Officer & Committee Policy
  • Training Program & Distribution Policy
  • Monitoring Compliance & Audits Policy
  • Responding to Compliance Issues Policy
  • Development, Revision and Approval Policy
  • Marketing Materials Policy
  • Freedom of Choice Policy
  • Conflicts of Interest Policy
  • HIPAA Notice of Privacy Policy

QCN Compliance Training

All Officers, Directors, Employees, UM QCN Participants, UM QCN Providers/Suppliers and Contractors must complete General Compliance Training on an annual basis.

New hires shall receive training within 30 days of their employment commencement date.

All current participants are required to complete training on the Compliance Program before the end of the year. If you have not completed this training, please email the following to receive the training slides and certificate of completion documentation.