Whether simple or complex, hand injuries can drastically impact a person's ability to perform everyday tasks and activities. Finding and implementing the right therapy plan is important to ensure an injury has been properly diagnosed and treated, and to restore a patient's functionality for a productive life.

The University of Maryland Rehabilitation Network's Hand Therapy Clinics treat a wide range of injuries and ailments of the upper extremity (the hand, wrist, elbow and shoulder), including fractures and dislocations, ligament and tendon injuries and joint dysfunction. Using a variety of treatment methods, like custom splinting, our team of specialists has the knowledge and experience to reduce pain and improve sensation, while helping patients heal, regain functionality, increase range of motion and build strength.

Our approach is individualized, with one-on-one therapeutic programs designed to help patients use their upper extremities to participate in sports or other daily activities. Hand patients also benefit from the University of Maryland Rehabilitation Network's technologically advanced equipment, including ultrasound and H200 electrical stimulation therapy, as well as Transelectrical Nerve Stimulation for pain management and Baltimore Therapeutic Equipment for upper extremity strengthening.

Our hand therapists receive ongoing education on the latest treatments and application of technology to maximize outcomes.

Our Unique Approach

  1. Focus on the functionality and connectivity of all components of the upper extremity.
  2. Administer treatment by a team of experienced specialists and certified hand therapists.
  3. Emphasize a personalized approach, providing each patient with individualized, one-on-one therapy.
  4. Establish patient goals and track progression against those goals.
  5. Foster an environment of collaboration between our hand therapists and physicians, allowing for immediate answers to questions and adjustments to treatment plans, as needed.
  6. Provide instructions for safely returning to sports and daily activities while minimizing the risk of re-injury.

Find the Program and Location that's right for you.