For this project, think of yourself in terms of who you are without any of your titles, roles or jobs. Think in terms of words like funny, loyal, creative, etc. You can use words to describe yourself or look for words you would like to focus on bringing into your life.

Art Found Words Poem Collage


  • Magazines and/or newspapers
  • Glue
  • Colorful paper or poster board
  • Any extra embellishments you would like to add (stickers, paint, tissue paper, etc.)

What to do

To start, go through magazines, catalogs or newspapers to find words that inspire you:

  • Words that you choose to describe yourself.
  • Words that you would like to bring into your life. (strength, peace)
  • Cut out enough words so you can play with arrangement and focus.

Begin to assemble the words (pictures are an option too.) Think in terms of a poem or a whimsical paragraph that you can create with the words that you found. The poem can be quirky, fun and whimsical.

  • Glue your "poem" onto your colorful paper or poster board.
  • Doodle or design your collage with markers or paint.
  • Take time to reflect on the process.
  • Notice if there is a theme or idea within your collage that you can use to create a focus word or phrase to help you bring mindfulness/clarity to your experience.
  • Use meditation and mindfulness to notice ways you can bring more of this clarity into your day.

Additional Resources

Further resources for relaxation techniques and inspiration:

About the Artist: Lolly Forsythe-Chisolm

Lolly Forsythe-Chisolm, MS, is an artist who specializes in art as meditation, healing and part of the mind-body connection. Email her at with any questions and/or with special ways you are using this activity and how it has influenced your days. She would also like to hear your ideas and how healing arts have helped you!