Found Words

A Self-Care Art Project: Found Words Poem Collage

For this project, think of yourself in terms of who you are without any of your titles, roles or jobs. Think in terms of words like: funny, loyal, creative, etc. You can use words to describe yourself or look for words you would like to focus on bringing into your life.

Learn how to do this art project.

A Handful of GratitudeArtful Meditation: A Handful of Gratitude

Gratitude is very important for self-care. It brings attention to the good things in your life. It emphasizes that there is good in with the bad and there is a lot of good when you take the time to look for it. This easy art project is a meditation that helps you focus on what is good in your life – what you are thankful for. Counting on your fingers (literally), name five things you are grateful for. Can you count even higher? Practice gratitude with us today.

Learn how to do Artful Meditation.