Advancing cancer care through clinical trials is a core mission of the University of Maryland Cancer Network. Our cancer centers, led by the UM Greenebaum Comprehensive Cancer Center, is committed to bringing innovative clinical trials to the people of Maryland. The goal of these studies is to find better ways to treat, diagnose, and prevent cancer so that people can live better and longer.

UM Greenebaum Comprehensive Cancer Center

University of Maryland Greenebaum Comprehensive Cancer Center (UMGCCC) serves as the flagship location for Cancer Research in the UM Cancer Network. UMGCCC offers a variety of clinical trials for most types of cancer, with specialty areas including Pediatrics, Breast, Prostate, Kidney, Lung, Leukemia, Lymphoma, Multiple Myeloma and new research portfolios being developed in Sarcoma, Melanoma and Mesothelioma. A searchable listing of all trials available at UM GCCC can be found here.

Our Physician team is focused on providing our patients cutting edge scientific offerings, most recently enrolling patients into sophisticated immunotherapy trials including CAR-T cell trials. The recent FDA approval of the GammaPod also demonstrates the depth and breadth of experience seen at UMGCCC. A seasoned team of certified research staff work in support of the physician and patient to ensure clinical trial experiences are positive and enhance the overall care experience at UM GCCC.

Tate Cancer Center at UM Baltimore Washington Medical Center

The Tate Cancer Center has a total of 24 clinical trials which include cooperative group studies and investigator initiated studies. The center offers medical, surgical and radiation oncology clinical trials for brain, bladder, breast, colorectal, liver, lung, pancreas, prostate and rectal cancers. The Tate Cancer Center offers treatment, observational, preventive, registry and bio-repository studies. Three new Alliance clinical trials have recently opened, and we are looking forward to increased enrollment.

For access to all of our available clinical trials please visit My BWMC clinical trials.

Cancer Institute at UM St. Joseph

University of Maryland St. Joseph Medical Center’s Cancer Institute is an active partner in advancing the understanding and treatment of cancer through clinical trials and research studies of people who have cancer or are at high risk for cancer.

The clinical trials offered at UM St. Joseph Medical Center include preventive, treatment and observational research studies. Trials currently being offered include many treatment modalities including pharmaceutical agents, immunotherapy, radiation and surgery. Patients enrolled in clinical trials are carefully monitored by their health care team as well as expert research team.

For further information on available clinical trials, please access UM SJMC Cancer Institute clinical trials.

Kaufman Cancer Center at UM Upper Chesapeake

Kaufman Cancer Center (KCC) has a total of 43 clinical trials currently ongoing: 21 in medical oncology and 22 in radiation oncology.

Medical Oncology: cancers of the breast, colon, GYN, repository: multi-site tissue banking, and quality of life studies

Radiation Oncology: cancers of the brain, breast, lung, pelvis, rectum and analysis of patients who received radiation while on immunotherapy and/or targeted therapy

A total of seven patients are enrolled in clinical trials (2 in interventional and 5 in non-interventional) for the month of January 2018, all of which will count towards our CoC goal of 4-6% of analytic cases. The KCC’s running three year total of 22 patients enrolled in Alliance Trials satisfies the 2016-2018 goal for Alliance of at least 15 patients enrolled in its trials over three consecutive years. The KCC is preparing to offer a Thrive and Survive class, participants of which will potentially enroll in its Quality of Life Study.