Colon Cancer Screening

UM SJMC is kicking off their third year of colon cancer screening awareness for its employees in support of the ACS "80 by 2018" which aims to provide colon cancer screening to 80% of eligible people by 2018. Our Digestive Disease Center will be open on Saturdays, March 3 and 24, to provide a convenient alternative time for employees to have their screening colonoscopy. In addition, an online tool, "Colon Aware," is available for employees and the community to identify an individual's risk for colon cancer. Take the simple online colon cancer risk assessment to determine your risk level. Text the word "HEALTH" to 715-800-2014 or go to

Cancer Institute Holds 11th Annual Symposium

Held at the Sheppard Pratt Conference Center, over 175 attendees listened to expert speakers explain how their specialty area supported the theme, Integrative Health and Symptom Management in Cancer Survivorship. Keynote speaker, Dr. Ken Miller, presented ideas on how to ";Live Well Beyond Cancer." After the symposium, three interactive workshops were presented on acupuncture, skin cancer screening, and pain management.

Oncology Support Specialists Honored

Three Cancer Institute employees were honored at this year's symposium for their outstanding accomplishments in each of their roles. The award recipients included Clinical Pharmacist Deborah Sarama, PharmD, Breast Center Nurse Navigator Susan Feild, RN, BSN, CN-BN, and Community Outreach Manager Donna Costa, MA, MHS.

Group photo of oncology support specialists

UM SJMC Oncology Physicians Educate Viewers

In a continuing effort to increase awareness of cancer screenings and treatments available for various cancers, three UM SJMC physicians were interviewed on local news shows this year. Liver and pancreas surgeons, Drs. Mark Fraiman and Richard Mackey, appeared on ABC2's Maryland Spotlight, while medical oncologist, Dr. Rima Couzi, was interviewed twice about breast cancer by Maryland Public Television's Jeff Salkin.

Rima Couzi MPT interview

Screenings Make a Difference

University of Maryland St. Joseph Medical Center's Cancer Institute will host the following free* or program-sponsored cancer screenings in 2018:

  • Colon Cancer Screenings
    80% by 2018 Program
    Call now to reserve your choice of screening dates.
  • Cervical Cancer Screenings*
    March 2018
    Held at Women's Health Associates
    Call 410-337-1479 to schedule an appointment.
  • Prostate Cancer Screenings*
    September 2018
    Held at the UM SJMC Cancer Institute
    Call 410-337-1479 to schedule an appointment.
  • Breast Cancer Screenings*
    October 2018
    Held at the UM SJMC Breast Center
    Call 410-337-1479 to schedule an appointment.
  • Low-Dose Lung Screening Program
    Screenings held throughout the year at Advanced Radiology
    in cooperation with UM SJMC Cancer Institute
    Call your primary care physician to see if you qualify.

Learn more about UM SJMC Cancer Institute Stats Community Outreach Program.