Woman walking dog

As the coronavirus pandemic brings stress levels up, take a moment to be present in the moment and challenge your perspective.

These 10 tips from the University of Maryland Medical Center's Department of Psychiatry can help lower your stress.

Spend 10 minutes outside getting some fresh air.

Notice 9 things to ground your mind: two things you can see, two things you can hear, two things you can smell, two things you can feel and one thing you can taste.

Think of 8 things that made you laugh today.

Pick 7 songs you can jam out to while you push through your least favorite activity.

Take 6 deep breaths.

Reflect on 5 things you are grateful for at this moment.

Reach out to 4 supportive people… from a distance.

Set 3 achievable goals or intentions for the day.

Have 2 meaningful non-coronavirus-related conversations.

Plan for 1 change you hope to make by the time all this is over.

And stay safe, feel your feelings and don't forget to do things that bring you joy!