Football on the field

Whether you're a fan of football or the commercials, you can still have a good time celebrating this weekend's big game safely.

If this past year has taught us anything, it's how a surge works. Too many times, getting together in large groups for holidays, weddings or birthdays has proven dangerous and even deadly. We all know about the six-feet distancing, the mask wearing and the handwashing, and yet, every so often, we forget and let our guard down.

First, keep in mind that we are closer and closer to getting COVID under control by decreasing the spread, which is going to save lives. We're also seeing an increase in vaccinations. Each step we take avoids a surge and keeps people safe and healthy.

Second, we've learned how to celebrate safely. This past year, the CDC has prepped us well on how to hold small gatherings.

To keep your game day celebrations from turning into a "superspreader" event, follow these key tips.

Watch Virtually with Friends

During this past year, either you or someone you are close to has become a technological wizard. Get yourself set up to include family and friends from all over, no matter who they're rooting for. (That mute button just might come in handy.) This is your safest bet to watching the game.

Watch at Home

Watching the game with people you live with or who are in your small bubble is also safe, especially if you are able to watch in your yard or on your porch. Depending on where you live, the weather might cooperate for an outdoor screening.

Wear a Mask

If you do go to a small gathering, make sure you wear your mask. Avoid any place where people are not wearing masks. Masking is still a top way to stop the spread—it keeps you and those around you safe.

Eat Safely

Remember to be careful near the game food.

  • Wash your hands before you eat.
  • Place food and dips on your plate with clean utensils instead of eating from the serving bowl or platter.
  • Throw your trash out, but not someone else's.
  • Wash your hands after eating.
  • Put your mask back on after eating so you can safely cheer your team on.

As COVID cases continue to drop, keep yourself on the winning side of the game this year by staying safe.