UM Laurel Medical Center

The University of Maryland Capital Region Health has temporarily expanded UM Laurel Medical Center to utilize it in response to COVID-19.

Called Laurel 3-4-5, the temporary facility inside UM Laurel Medical Center provides inpatient care for patients who have tested positive or are under investigation for COIVID-19. It also offers monoclonal antibodies therapy (mAB) at our outpatient COVID Infusion Center.

In close partnership with the Maryland Department of Health (MDH), the University of Maryland Medical System (UMMS) and UM Capital Region Health, this project has expanded capacity by adding 135 additional beds at UM Laurel Medical Center in preparation for a volume surge due to COVID-19.

All other areas of UM Laurel Medical Center are limited to emergency and outpatient services.

Important Facts About Laurel 3-4-5

Dubbed Laurel 3-4-5 because it occupies the third, fourth and fifth floor, this temporary facility:

  • Receives patients transported to UM Laurel Medical Center through either emergency department or hospital inter-facility referrals.
  • Does not permit walk-ups, unless directly admitted through the emergency department, and cannot be accessed by general referrals from primary care physicians.
  • Is not a community testing clinic (Find COVID testing near you.)

What Laurel 3-4-5 Offers

From our fully equipped, intensive and critical care units to the new, advanced diagnostic and respiratory care equipment, everything about UM Laurel 3-4-5 is designed for caring for COVID-19 patients.

Because it is inside UM Laurel Medical Center with its active emergency room, we have taken extra precautions to keep those patients safe.

Dedicated Equipment and Resources

  • COVID-19 dedicated intensive care, critical care and medical/surgical beds
  • Isolation and negative pressure rooms
  • Dedicated COVID-19 operating room
  • All new equipment throughout, from beds and IV poles to ventilators for those patients with advanced respiratory therapy needs

Physicians and Nurses Who Only Treat COVID Patients

  • Advanced communications capabilities
  • Telehealth options for communicating with doctors
  • Virtual Patient Connect service lets our patients hear and see their family using specially equipped in-room equipment

Enhanced Safety Protocols

  • We follow all CDC protocols for personal protective equipment including masks, face shields, gowns and gloves, hand sanitizing and physical distancing.
  • We have also implemented enhanced protocols for facility sterilization and cleanliness as well as patient visitation.

Staffing and Management

Empty patient room

UM Laurel Medical Center is staffed by nearly 400 highly vetted contractual medical professionals and health care workers.

Laurel 3-4-5 will not reduce staff at UM Capital Region Health or other local UMMS facilities.

The updated visitor policy for all UMMS health care facilities will be in effect.

Expanding COVID-19 Treatment Capacity

Laurel Medical Center 3-4-5

COVID-19 presents immediate hazards to the health of patients statewide, particularly in Prince George's County which currently has had the highest number of confirmed cases in the state. Ensuring the safety of patients, front-line medical staff, and team members remains and will remain a top priority of the University of Maryland Medical System and all its leadership.

UMMS will continue to plan for an increase in volumes while working as a system to ensure all patients receive the care and attention needed.