Patient Transfer Criteria

Review the Hospital and Emergency Department Referrals criteria for a comparison of what type of patients should be referred to the BCCFH and what type should be referred to the Tri Center at the Lord Baltimore Hotel.

Process for Patient Transfer

  • All transfers should be initiated through the UMMC Access Center at 410-328-1234.

Steps for transfer:

  1. A physician at the originating site will make the initial call to the Access Center at 410-328-1234 and will be connected with a receiving physician and triage nurse to determine if a patient meets the criteria.
    • Please review the Triage Form to see what we will ask about the patient and what our inclusion/exclusion criteria are.
    • Please calculate your patient's AM-PAC mobility score, which will help us determine whether they will be safe with us.
  2. If the BCCFH accepts the patient, the originating hospital should notify the patient's family, arrange transportation and send the facesheet and clinical notes.
  3. Please review this Patient Brochure and share it with patients and families. It has photos, answers FAQs and includes what belongings to bring.
  4. Transportation should drop off the patient at designated BCCFH drop-off location, which is via the Conway St. Ramp, underneath the BCC.