BCCFH Infusion Center

The BCCFH COVID Task Force operates an outpatient COVID-19 treatment program that is free to patients.

Multiple types of treatments are available through its three main service lines, which are: 

COVID Treatment Services

BCCFH Infusion Center

Located at the intersection of Greene and Lombard Streets in Baltimore (see location information), the types of treatments that BCCFH Infusion Center provides monoclonal antibody (mAb) and remdesivir therapy to patients age 12 and older who test positive for COVID-19 tests and meet the criteria. 

Note: The Infusion Center sees patients by appointment only. To make an appointment, you must be referred by a provider or go through our self-referral telehealth program.  We do not see walk-in patients, and the staff here are not available answer general COVID questions or schedule for any of our services. 

Medical providers: Use the yellow button below to refer patients directly for infusion treatment.

We can schedule patients at our infusion center in Baltimore as well as at the Upper Chesapeake Medical Center’s infusion center in Bel Air, MD. 

Our Care Coordination Team will review the referral form and contact the patient to coordinate services as soon as possible. Providers should alert their patients to expect a call from us. We will do everything we can to send providers timely e-mail notification whether we will be able to schedule referred patients. To expedite this, please provide an email address in your referral.

Important Note for Providers: Given changes in federal policy, supply of monoclonal antibody is limited. The BCCFH COVID Task Force will reserve monoclonal antibody therapy for patients who cannot be treated with Paxlovid or IV remdesivir and will prioritize it the highest risk patients. We may not be able to offer mAb  therapy to all patients referred to us, even if they are at increased risk for complications. The BCCFH Infusion Center does offer remdesivir and can arrange transportation to/from appointments if necessary. 

Patient Self-Referral Telehealth Program

This program offers COVID-19 treatments to patients age 18 and older who do not have medical providers or are not able to get a timely appointment with their doctors.

Patients: Contact our Care Coordination Team by calling 410-649-6122 Monday through Friday 8 am to 5 pm or by clicking on the yellow button below to complete the online self-referral form.

We review all self-referrals, and patients who may qualify for COVID-19 treatment will be scheduled for a telehealth visit. At that visit, our provider will work you to determine which type of treatment would be best for you. Providers can prescribe oral medications or refer patients for infusion therapy throughout the state, including at our BCCFH Infusion Center.

Please make sure to enter an accurate telephone number and email address so the Care Coordination Team can reach you.

Self-Referral for COVID Treatment

Test to Treat Program at State Center

This program, which operates during all testing sessions at State Center, offers patients who are feeling sick and have a positive rapid test result the opportunity to be evaluated for treatment. 

Medical providers determine whether you meet criteria for treatment and if so, make treatment recommendations for you. The types of treatments we  offer through this program include giving you oral medications to take at home or scheduling you for infusion treatment, given through an IV, at the BCCFH Infusion Center. 

You will need to bring a complete list of medications you take to your testing appointment. If you qualify for treatment, your visit might last an hour or more if the line is very long. 
Although our services are free, if you have insurance, we may bill your insurance for the visit, so bring your insurance card. You do not need to have insurance to be tested and treated. 

Important Note for Patients: If you have tested positive already — either at home or at another testing site — do not come to State Center for treatment. Instead, complete a self-referral form to be considered for a telehealth visit, which is free to patients. Learn more about COVID telehealth visits.

Schedule a COVID Test

Cost of Treatment

Treatments provided by the BCCFH COVID-19 Treatment Program are FREE for patients.

Health insurance is not required to receive treatment from us. If a patient has health insurance, the insurance may be charged for this care, but the patient should not be billed for copays or deductibles.

If a BCCFH provider refers you to another location for infusion treatment, please ask that organization about their billing practices when you schedule with them.  

Available COVID Treatments

All medications offered by the BCCFH COVID Treatment Program have been shown to reduce the risk of severe COVID-19 illness, including hospitalization and death, in patients who have conditions that make them more likely to have severe COVID infections. 

To qualify for these treatments, patients must have a positive test result and have symptoms from their COVID-19 infection as well as have conditions that place them at high risk of severe COVID-19 illness.

Paxlovid (Oral Medication)

Paxlovid is considered first-line outpatient treatment for COVID-19 infections. It is a pill taken twice daily for five days, and it must be started within five days of symptom onset. 

This medication was recently given Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) by the FDA for outpatient treatment of COVID-19 in high-risk patients aged 12 and older. 

You can learn more about the medication by reading the FDA Paxlovid Provider Fact Sheet or the FDA Paxlovid Patient Fact Sheet.

BCCFH providers prescribe Paxlovid to telehealth patients who qualify for this treatment, and our Test to Treat program dispenses this medication at our Preston Street testing location when providers determine it is appropriate.

Remdesivir (IV Therapy)

Remdesivir (brand name Veklury), which is administer by IV (through a vein), must be started within seven days from symptom onset.

It is fully authorized by the FDA for patients 12 and older and authorized under Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) for some patients younger than 12 years old. BCCFH Infusion Center offers remdesivir therapy to patients age 12 and older.

The medication must be given three days in a row, so patients will have to come to our Infusion Center three consecutive days. On the first day of therapy, patients will have labs drawn before their first infusion. 

You can learn more about the medication by reading the FDA Remdesivir Prescribers Information Sheet or the Remdesivir Patient Website

Monoclonal Antibody (mAb) Treatment (IV Therapy)

Authorized by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) under an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA), Emergency Use Authorization (EUA), monoclonal antibody infusion is an outpatient treatment for patients 12 and older that is administered by IV (through a vein).

The BCCFH Infusion Center provides monoclonal antibody therapy that is effective for the most prevalent circulating strain(s) of COVID-19 in Maryland. Currently, the BCCFH treats COVID-19 with bebtelovimab, which must be infused within seven days of symptom onset.

The type of mAb and the criteria for which patients BCCFH offers this treatment to may change depending the current strains circulating in Maryland and the supply of medication.

You can learn more about the medication by reading the FDA Bebtelovimab Provider Fact Sheet or the FDA Bebtelovimab Patient Fact Sheet

Molnupiravir (Oral Medication)

Molnupiravir is a pill that must be started within five days of when symptoms begin. The medication is taken twice daily for five days.

This medication was given Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) by the FDA for outpatient treatment of COVID-19 in high-risk patients aged 18 and older who have tested positive for COVID-19, have mild-to-moderate symptoms not requiring hospitalization and are considered to be at high risk of hospitalization or death from COVID-19.

Our medical providers work with patients during telehealth and Test to Treat visits at State Center to determine if this is an appropriate treatment option. You can learn more about the medication by reading the FDA Molnupiravir Provider Fact Sheet or the FDA Molnupiravir Patient Fact Sheet.

Getting to the BCCFH Infusion Center

BCCFH Modular Care Unit

Location: The BCCFH Infusion Center is located at the corner of Greene and Lombard Streets in a temporary building on University of Maryland Medical Center (UMMC) Downtown Campus. 

See location on Google Maps.

Appointment only: Patients must have an appointment to come to the Infusion Center. Walk-ins are not accepted. Please see the information above to learn how to be seen here.

Patients arriving and departing by car may be dropped off and picked up in the lot next to the Infusion Center. To enter that lot from Greene Street, turn left just after you pass Lombard Street.

Aerial view of BCCFH Infusion Center

When you arrive, security personnel will greet you and let you know how to proceed.


The BCCFH COVID-19 Treatment Program can arrange for free transportation to and from appointments for patients who do not have access to safe transportation options. The Care Coordination Team will offer this to patients during the scheduling process.


Safe, convenient patient parking is available at several locations near the BCCFH Infusion Center, including: 

  • The underground University Plaza Garage on West Redwood Street, just opposite University of Maryland Medical Center and the University of Maryland Professional Building, is reserved for patient parking. Validation available to reduce rate to $9.
  • Medical Center Garage, Greene St, between Lombard and Pratt shares the same lot as the BCCFH Infusion Center. Validation available to reduce rate to $7.

For more parking options please see Parking at UMMC.


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