BCCFH COVID Task Force - One Team. One Fight.

Managed jointly by Johns Hopkins Medicine (JHM) and University of Maryland Medical System (UMMS), the Task Force operates at two locations in Baltimore. We provide COVID vaccinations, boosters, testing and outpatient treatment, including monoclonal antibody (mAb) therapy and oral medications like Paxlovid. 

State Center

The State Center location at 300 W. Preston St. (Map) near the Mount Vernon neighborhood offers:

Important note: Please dress appropriately for the weather as you may need to wait outside the tent. If you are elderly, disabled or have infant children, notify one of the BCCFH COVID Task Force personnel.  We will make every effort to minimize your waiting time outside.

We will generally be open during light to moderate rain but may pause operations due to lightning or severe weather. In the case of severe weather, please check this page or call our call center at 410-649-6200.

University of Maryland Medical Center - Downtown

The modular care unit at the corner of Greene and Lombard Streets (Mapon the UMMC Downtown Campus offers:

  • Outpatient COVID-19 monoclonal antibody therapy
  • Telehealth visits for those who are unable to see their doctor but are interested in treatment for COVID-19 

Learn about our outpatient COVID treatment and telehealth program. 

About Baltimore Convention Center Field Hospital

Baltimore Convention Center Field Hospital  (BCCFH) - COVID Task Force began in  March 2020 as 250-bed, $5 million field hospital operated at the Baltimore Convention Center. During its nearly 18 months of operations as an inpatient facility, the BCCFH celebrated 1,495 patient discharges. 

In February 2021, it began its operations as a vaccination location. Over the course of the pandemic, BCCFH - COVID Task Force also expanded to provide testing and outpatient COVID treatment.

In November 2021 it moved its vaccination and COVID testing operations to State Center near the Mount Vernon neighborhood. Its COVID treatment program is located on the University of Maryland Medical Center's downtown campus. 

Read the story behind the early days at BCCFH.

Jointly operated by:

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