Dr. Khalid Kurtom and Team Complete Medical Mission to Jordan

Dr. Khalid Kurtom and his team from UM Community Medical Group - Neurosurgery left April 6, 2017 for a ten day medical mission to Amman, Jordan. Traveling with the Syrian American Medical Society (SAMS) based in Washington, D.C., Dr. Kurtom’s team joined a group of over 70 other medical professionals providing high quality, culturally appropriate medical care to refugees and the local community, including performing neurosurgeries for the first time on a SAMS medical mission.

First Update

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Dr Khalid Kurtom Medical Mission Jordan

Our mission has been full of obstacles and challenges which we luckily continue to overcome. We had to apply for grants from multiple companies to supply us with instrument and implants for our trip. Thousands of dollars donated to our mission and countless hours to ensure that we would have everything we needed to provide neurosurgical care for the Syrian refugees in Jordan. A week before our trip, we were told that all our instruments were not allowed into the country because a required document would not be signed in time. We had to scramble to contact companies in the Middle East to provide some of the instruments, contacted the local hospital in Jordan and utilized other creative solutions with the hope that we would have what we needed. While on the plane, we found out that the US had launched a missile attack in Syria, approximately 1 hour away from where we were heading. We left Easton 6am Thursday morning and arrived to Jordan 4:30pm Friday, almost 30 hours later and thankfully all our bags made it in. We went straight to hospital with expectations of meeting OR personnel only to find out that they had no knowledge of this arrangement. The people in Jordan are so helpful and nice that they gathered a group of nurses and doctors to help us setup our cases for our first OR day on Saturday. At this point our entire team is exhausted but we are finally here, with some instruments that we can use, ready for work Saturday. It feels like a journey even before the real journey has begun. But thankfully despite all the hurdles we thus far have succeeded in moving forward with our mission.