CenteringPregnancy is a model of prenatal care that focuses on health assessment, education and support within a group setting facilitated by a UM Baltimore Washington Women's Health Associates midwife and an assistant. You will be grouped with women who are due around the same time as you. Together, you will attend 10 two-hour prescheduled prenatal sessions. You are encouraged to bring a support person with you, such as a partner or a family member, to include them in your pregnancy journey and in the learning process.

Centering classes are held in two locations: at the UM BW Health Services building in Hanover (7556 Teague Road, Suite 430) and at the Executive Center building in Glen Burnie (300 Hospital Drive, Suite 130).

About the Centering Model

CenteringPregnancy was designed by the Centering Healthcare Institute, a non-profit organization whose mission is to improve maternal child health by transforming care through Centering groups. The Centering model of care brings people together who share common goals, but their personal preferences and values make each group unique. When a group of people come together for a common purpose of health and well-being to share information and learn together, a transformation happens at both the personal and collective level that brings about better understanding, greater engagement, and self-confidence. All of that translates into personal decisions and actions that are supported by the group and that lead to better health outcomes.

Through Centering, women are brought together with other women who are at the same stage of pregnancy or infant care for their billable visit. Women take their own blood pressure, weigh themselves, set personal goals and have an individual check-up with their clinician. Then the group along with the clinician engages together in a facilitated discussion around important health topics. In this group setting there is more time for women to explore the issues that impact the health of themselves and their babies and families. Women experience greater learning, feel better prepared for labor, birth and infant care, gain friendship and support in the group and have overall greater satisfaction.

You can learn more about CenteringPregnancy by calling 410-553-8260 or visiting