Current Visitation Level: Green (Visitation Permitted)

Why has UMMS implemented a tiered, color-coded system for patient visitation?

During the pandemic, the COVID-19 health crisis has continually evolved, requiring that UMMS adjust our operations, including patient visitation, in order to maintain the safety of patients, team members, care partners and the community.

Our Patient Safety (Care Partner/Visitor) Policy establishes a tiered, color-coded system that allows UMMS to easily scale patient visitation measures in a safe and thoughtful manner based on current data and in alignment with state and federal guidelines. In addition, it ensures that team members, patients and care partners have clear insight into the System's current status and related visitation levels.

How long will the current patient safety measures be in effect?

Because the situation has changed frequently since COVID-19 began, we cannot predict how long the current safety measures will remain in place; however, we will maintain them as long as necessary to protect our patients, care partners and staff. Our tiered, color-coded system does create flexibility in visitation as conditions allow.

Please see more information on our current visitation level and how the tiered visiting policy works.

What are care partners and designated support persons?

Learn more about care partners (visitors) and designated support persons. 

Do care partners need to keep their masks on while on UMMS premises?

Under Levels Yellow, Orange or Red, care partners should wear a mask on UMMS premises when required under our visitation and infection prevention policies. 

When masking is required, care partners may wear cloth masks, although medical masks are preferred. Neck gaiters or masks with exhalation ports are not permitted. Complimentary masks are available at Guest Services and in waiting areas. 

For more information, please see our masking guidelines.

Patient Appointment FAQs

When do patients need to wear a mask when inside an UMMS outpatient facility?

Patients must wear a mask in an UMMS facility if they have respiratory symptoms. If they don’t have respiratory symptoms, masking is optional for patients. We do encourage patients to wear a mask while in close contact with others in the healthcare setting. Please see our masking guidelines.

What should I do if I have cold or flu symptoms and have an appointment at an UMMS hospital?

If you have any signs of cold or flu-like symptoms, such as a cough or runny nose, you should reschedule your appointment, if possible. 

If you feel like your symptoms require an appointment, please call in advance to discuss with your provider’s office. If you are at UMMS for treatment or evaluation of respiratory symptoms, please wear a mask. 

Can I bring my children to appointments?

At Level Green, children are permitted.