The Pediatric Epilepsy Program within the Division of Child Neurology was developed as part of the Comprehensive Epilepsy Program at the University of Maryland. Its goal is to better serve the children of Maryland and surrounding areas. The Pediatric Epilepsy Program has not only augmented our role as medical providers in pediatric neurology, but has significantly improved our ability to serve increased number of patients and increased our ability to take care of patients with more complex medical and neurologic problems.

Seizures are relatively common - from 5 to 7 per 1000 and febrile seizures account for over 2 percent of all childhood illnesses. Yet, watching their child have a seizure is one of the most frightening things a parent can experience. The manifestations of seizures can vary from simple staring spells to convulsions. And some children have spells that are difficult to characterize. Our epilepsy group provides the expertise to diagnose seizures/epilepsy, help parents and patients understand what seizures and epilepsy are, and how best to treat them.

We have established dedicated epilepsy clinics where we see children with epilepsy and are able to focus on their specific needs. A first seizure clinic has also been created so that patients can be evaluated quickly after having their first seizure. Some children have only one seizure, so it is important that they be properly evaluated and not given a diagnosis of epilepsy when they do not qualify for that diagnosis. For others, it is the onset of epilepsy and they need to be enrolled in an appropriate treatment program.

Inpatient and outpatient continuous video EEG monitoring is also available to evaluate children with diagnostic dilemmas as well as to evaluate and treat children with difficult to control seizures. 

Patients are referred to our Pediatric Epilepsy Program from primary care providers, other pediatric subspecialists, emergency room physicians and some are self-referred.

Location and Contact Info

22 S. Greene St.
Twelfth Floor, Central Elevators
Baltimore, MD 21201 
Phone: 410-410-328-5887