We often hold therapeutic and educational groups at the Care Clinic. These are offered free of charge.

Please call us at 410-706-4869 for information about current and upcoming groups. Some of the therapeutic groups we have held in the past include:

Circle of Security Parent Education Group (Adults)

Circle of Security is a relationship based parenting group for parents of young children. Across eight weeks of group sessions, parents are supported and encouraged to increase their awareness of their children's needs and their responses to those needs. They are also challenged to examine the patterns of relating they learned from their own experience of being parented, and to identify and be aware of the learned patterns that get in the way of being able to be bigger, stronger, wiser, and kinder parents.

Parents learn how to respond to their children's upsets and emotions through "being with" their children, a process of reflection and empathy. They learn the importance of belonging, connection and relationship repair. Circle of Security curriculum is evidenced-based and utilized internationally as an early intervention program for parents and children.

Bullying Group for Kids (Ages 6 – 10)

The bullying group teaches children to recognize, define, and respond to bullying. Children participate in various activities designed to increase their awareness and understanding of bullying and to respond in safe and appropriate ways.

Coping Skills Group for Kids (Ages 6 – 12)

In the kids' coping skills group, children learn real-life skills for emotional self-care. Among other skills, children are taught to recognize, label, and safely express feelings. They are also taught to think more adaptively, to identify choices and make positive ones, and to ask for help.

Teen Support Group (Ages 13 – 17)

In the group, adolescents will learn more about what helps create and foster healthy relationships in their lives. Topics discussed and explored in the group may cover, but are not limited to, family dynamics/relationships, creating positive friendships, managing conflict with others, and creating healthy boundaries for themselves.