Thank you very much for your interest in providing crafts and diversional activities to our children and families at the University of Maryland Children’s Hospital. All of the activities and crafts on our list can be mass produced and stored in individual plastic bags to hand out to children. The following list includes some ideas that we have found to work well with children of varying ages.

Pony Beads
Materials: pony bead patterns (an internet search will provide lots of these), a picture of the finished product, necessary beads and stringing medium (plastic cord, string, or wire)

Bead Craft
Materials: large holed beads for small children, plus pipe cleaner or new shoe strings for stringing

Picture Frames
Materials: craft sticks (about 20) for picture frames. Put sequins, fabric scraps, puzzle pieces, and glue in empty film containers for neat and easy storage.

Picture Frames 2
Materials: pre-cut frames out of Fun Foam, puffy paint, glue, sequins, fun foam scraps

Cross Stitch
Materials: cross stitch material (white or ivory Aida 14 is the most common and 14 count is an easy fabric to start on), simple pattern (can be found online)/or graph paper to create your own, needle and thread

Door Signs
Materials: pre-cut plain door sign (like hotels use) with crayons or markers

Dream Catcher
Materials: dream catcher with yarn, string, beads and directions

Friendship Bracelets
Materials: directions, embroidery floss, and beads

Materials: origami kits with paper and directions

Materials: can of Play-Doh and a couple of cookie cutter shapes

Paper Bag Puppet
Materials: paper bag, markers, cutouts for hair, eyes, ears, tails or clothes, glue, feathers, felt, or other accessories

Stained Glass
Materials: scraps of tissue paper, glue and small plexiglass with rounded corners

Sticker Book
Materials: construction paper, markers, stickers

Materials: colorful tissue paper and pipe cleaners

Wind Socks
Materials: construction paper, pre-cut streamers, glue stick, markers, string for hanging

For more information about how you can help, contact the University of Maryland Children’s Hospital Child Life Program at 410-328-1241.