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Dreams: One Children's Hospital, Countless Childhood Dreams Saved



At the University of Maryland Children's Hospital, our providers deliver the most personalized and compassionate care for kids and their families. Learn more about how we help more kids have healthy childhoods so they can dream big.

**Children featured in advertising are actual patients of University of Maryland Children's Hospital.
Their precious dreams have been chosen by them and shared with us.**

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Eli, Age 5
Wilms Tumor
A knot found in Eli's belly at bath time turned out to be a more serious condition.


Ellie, Age 6
At just 3 years old, Ellie was diagnosed with leukemia. The closest hospital to her home did not offer pediatric oncology services, so her family searched for the pace with the best pediatric cancer care.


Gabbi, Age 7
Cancer Survivor
Gabbi's unstoppable nosebleed was a symptom of something much worse.


Hannah, Age 9
Cancer Survivor
Hannah was a carefree kindergartener when a routine trip to the nurse's office turned into a larger ordeal.


Kennedy, Age 3
Cancer Survivor
After battling a fever for three weeks, Kennedy's pediatrician referred her for a chest X-ray that found startling results.


Natalie, Age 14
Cancer Survivor
Right before Natalie's seventh grade year, she faced a tough time with what seemed like a bad case of strep throat.



Amari, Age 15
Heart Transplant
Despite being born with a rare heart defect, Amari had a relatively normal childhood until his heart began to weaken in his teenage years.


Ari, Age 16
Rare Heart Condition
After several years of tests and missed diagnosis, everything changed when Ari's mom switched his care to the University of Maryland Children's Hospital.

Stella Grace

Stella Grace, Age 4
Congenital Heart Disease
Stella Grace was born without any complications, but the doctors detected a congenital heart disease shortly after her birth.

Jade, Age 5

Jade, Age 5
Congenital Heart Disease
Born with a congenital heart defect, Jade's parents transferred her to University of Maryland Children's Hospital to receive special care for her heart.


Karter, Age 6
Congenital Heart Disease
Born with a big heart, Karter has received care from University of Maryland Children's Hospital since before he was born.


Maddie, Age 8
Gymnastics Coach
After spending her first weeks of life in the NICU, Maddie received several important procedures in order to care for her heart.


Tristan, Age 16
Congenital Heart Disease
Tristan has a big heart, but it is also very complicated as it did not form properly. He has a large University of Maryland Children's Hospital team taking care of him to ensure he grows up big and strong.


Tyler, Age 4
Rare Heart Condition
You would never know Tyler was born with a rare heart condition. But this 4 year old is no stranger to the cardiology and cardiac surgery teams.



Ben, Age 7
Type I Diabetes
Ben started drinking more water and had more trips to the bathroom, which encouraged his parents to suspect something was wrong.


Ethen, Age 8
Type I Diabetes
When Ethen's family moved to Maryland, they needed to find an endocrinology team to help care for their son, who has Type I Diabetes. Thankfully, they found Dr. Newton at UMCH to help navigate the autoimmune disorder.


Wade, Age 6
Wade was born as an unexpectedly large-sized baby. Thankfully the family found out the reason why quickly. Wade and his family rely on endocrinology care at the University of Maryland Children's Hospital to be sure his hyperinsulinism is under control.



Ava, Age 4
Digestive Disorder
Newborn Ava wasn't eating and was losing weight, which led her mom to suspect a larger issue.


Myrikhal, Age 7
Digestive Disorder
Born prematurely, Myrikhal continues to thrive almost eight years later with some help from her friends at the University of Maryland Children's Hospital.


Chayse and Corbin

Corbin and Chase, Age 11
NICU Graduates
Born prematurely at 24 weeks, Corbin and Chayse are two prime examples of babies in the NICU who defy odds every day.

Makenna, Morgan and Maci, NICU Graduates, Age 4

Makenna, Morgan and Maci, Age 4
NICU Graduates
Born just shy of 30 weeks, triplets Makenna, Morgan and Maci were rushed to the NICU where doctors and nurses saved their lives.


Ellie Green

Ellie, Age 8
Kidney Transplant
When Ellie was born with kidney failure, her parents found outstanding care at University of Maryland Children's Hospital.



Jedriel, Age 4
Nerve Injury
Newborn Jedriel couldn't move his upper arm, which led his parents on a journey to seek expert medical care for their son.



Allen, Age 3
Sleep Apnea
When Allen turned one, his breathing and sleeping issues began to worsen. Ana Lasso-Pirot, MD and Kevin Pereira, MD found the reason why.



Marco, Age 9
Prune Belly Syndrome
At an early age, Marco needed surgery to repair a congenital problem. Because the family received such great care at the University of Maryland Children's Hospital, it became their go-to hospital when Marco developed another problem.


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