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University of Maryland Children's Hospital understands how parents have many questions about how the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) will affect their children and how to live in the new normal of isolating while Maryland is in a state of emergency.

Our physicians answer the most pressing questions on how this virus affects children and what parents can do to protect their family.

Vaccinating Kids Against COVID-19

Questions and answers about the COVID vaccine now that it is available to kids age 5 and up 

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Kids' Health and COVID-19

Questions and answers on COVID-19 symptoms in children, how to protect family members and what to do if your kids are in daycare.

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At Home With Kids

Questions and answers on how to talk to children of all ages about homeschooling, missing activities and hand-washing.

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Safety for Kids

Questions and answers on keeping toys and common items safe from the virus, precautions to take when a family member goes into public and keeping children from spreading the virus.

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More on the Coronavirus

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