Welcome to UM Charles Regional Medical Center.
We are dedicated to providing nothing less than the very best care to each patient, in a safe, caring, and family-centered environment. Care is the factor that differentiates UM CRMC: Our people are what set us apart.

A new building, major investment in new technology, and a renewed commitment to exceptional care make UM CRMC the starting point for quality medical care in southern Maryland.

Our community, our hospital, our future together
UM CRMC Health System is a regional, not-for-profit, integrated health system serving Charles County and the surrounding areas of southern Maryland. We constantly reinvest resources into the community with innovative technology, community health education, and care for the poor.

Our goal is to make UM CRMC the preeminent healthcare provider for our community. We wish to provide the most enhanced facilities, technology, and equipment for our patients. We endlessly strive to maintain an excellent record of quality care and patient safety; to provide consistent, highly responsive emergency services; to create and maintain a highly skilled workforce and excellent physician partners; and to generate financial health to facilitate re-investment in our facility and community.

UM CRMC’S History
In 1939, Physician’s Memorial Hospital opened to provide care for the citizens of Charles County, Maryland in response to a devastating tornado. In 1963, having outgrown its location, the hospital opened its new facility on East Charles Street in downtown La Plata.

As the hospital grew and offered more services, we became a regional integrated health system and needed a name that would represent all of our system entities. In 1998 we became “Civista” formed from the words “civic” and “vista,” to reflect both our mission of community service and our continuing goals for the future.

In 2008, Civista Medical Center completed an expansion, doubling the size of the facility.

In 2011, Civista Health officially became a member hospital of the University of Maryland Medical System. Effective July 1, 2013 Civista Medical Center was renamed to University of Maryland Charles Regional Medical Center (UM CRMC). As the next step in its partnership with University of Maryland Medical System (UMMS), UM CRMC is taking a name that conveys the long standing history of the hospital in the Charles County community and access to an extensive network of advanced health services.

The UM Charles Regional Healthcare Team

Each member of the UM CRMC team is committed to providing you with exceptional care and customer service. If there is anything we can do to make you more comfortable, please speak with your nurse.

UM CRMC provides excellent care thanks to our dedicated staff of certified and experienced nurses. Our professional registered nurses (RNs) and nurse practitioners (NPs) are in constant contact with patients and work diligently to provide the very best care to each patient. If you ever have any questions about your care, please contact your nurse.

As an in-patient at UM Charles Regional Medical Center, either your personal physician or a UM CRMC-based physician called a “Hospitalist” will help coordinate your care during your stay. UM CRMC’s hospitalists are board-certified physicians who are specialists in providing care for hospital patients and are available in the medical center around the clock. They understand the internal processes of the medical center and work to ensure your comfort and speedy recovery. They keep your primary care physician informed about your day-to-day care and progress, and confer with them often to determine the best course of care for you.

Support Staff
It takes many different people with different skills to keep the medical center running and providing the best care for our patients. Though you may never meet most of them during your stay at the hospital, they too are committed to ensuring your speedy recovery and comfort. From the cafeteria to the cleaning staff to laboratory technicians, there are literally hundreds of people working for you. And even though they may not have contact with patients too often, all UM CRMC employees are required to wear a photo ID badge for your security and safety.

Auxiliary Volunteers
UM Charles Regional Medical Center is blessed with committed volunteers who work very hard every day of the year to assist the patients and staff. Our auxiliary volunteers help us achieve the highest quality of physical and emotional comfort for patients.