Do you have COVID symptoms?  Understand what types of services are available for patients with COVID symptoms in the ER. Learn when to go to the hospital.

Be prepared for an emergency medical visit. When you visit the UM CRMC Emergency Department, please bring:

  • A legible, updated list of all medications being taken
  • A list of allergies
  • When you received your last tetanus shot
  • Your physician and insurance information.

Also, if you or a family member have a rare medical condition or are currently on a specific medical treatment program it is important the Emergency Department have this information. Providing this information to the Emergency Department Nurse Manager, before an emergency arises, will help the nurses and doctors provide the best care in the event that a visit to the Emergency Department is necessary. You may call the Emergency Department and set up an appointment with the Nurse Manager to discuss your medical needs.

Our new, expanded Emergency Department has specialty decontamination facilities in the event of a bio-terrorism or hazmat emergency. If you are exposed to a hazardous material call the Emergency Department at 301-609-4160 to let them know you are coming in. Tell them what you think you may have been exposed to. When you arrive at UM Charles Regional, wait outside and emergency personnel will assist you. Do not enter the building until advised in order to avoid exposing others.

Parking is available directly behind the Emergency Department off of Wicomico Street. Once you arrive and park, enter the facility and proceed to the registration check in area.