Residents are expected to conduct Scholarly Activity during their training and encouraged to participate in at least one Quality Improvement project and one Research project. The program encourages Residents to define areas of interest early in their training to provide adequate time to conduct their scholarly activity.  Working under the direction of the Hospital's Senior Research Director, Residents receive ongoing education, direction and supervision in undertaking these projects.

Monthly didactic presentations by the Senior Research Director on defining research questions, research design, research ethics and statistical analysis assist the Resident in moving forward with confidence in their activities. Projects may involve clinic patients, hospital patients, procedures or, when possible, community education and health outcomes.

Residents are expected to develop writing and presentation skills along with their research and quality improvement projects.  As a relatively new Residency program, we have the unique opportunity to include Residents in quality improvement through evaluation of program needs. One resident developed a Wellness Manual which is now presented to all incoming Interns and led to a poster presentation at a National conference.  Another resident conducted a workshop at a National conference about a wellness-related concept implemented in our Residency.  One of residents presented a poster on a patient with a unique medical condition at a Regional AMA conference.  A majority of our graduates have published papers in peer-reviewed journals submitted during their residency related to the application of their clinical experiences with particular groups of patients to the wider patient population.