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If you do not have health insurance or worry you may not be able to pay for your care, we may be able to help. In order to promote the health and well-being of the community, University of Maryland Capital Region Health has a long tradition of serving all who require healthcare services.

If you have billing questions, please call patient financial services at 301-618-3100.

Members of our Patient Financial Services office can assist you in applying for free or low-cost health insurance (Medicaid, Medicare and other government programs), or you may be eligible for free or reduced costs as a part of our financial assistance program. If you are not eligible for free or reduced healthcare we can work with you to arrange a manageable payment plan.







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Estimated Charges

University of Maryland Prince George's Hospital Center provides the information regarding charges for common procedures and services to help patients plan for health care expenses. The link below includes the average range of fees associated with common procedures and services. The cost for services is based on a specific patient's condition. The information below can help you estimate your costs which might be higher or lower.

For additional help with estimating charges, please contact our Patient Financial Services offices at 301-618-3100.

Average Charges for Common Procedures (Feb 2018)

Statement of Charity Care

University of Maryland Capital Region Health offers a reasonable amount of care at no charge or reduced rates to eligible persons who do not have insurance, Medicare or Medical Assistance. In addition, qualifying patients may be able to participate in an extended payment plan without interest. Eligibility for free care, reduced rates and extended payment plans will be determined on a case-by-case basis for those who cannot afford to pay for care.

If you think that you may be eligible for uncompensated care, you can receive further information from the University of Maryland Capital Region Health Customer Service Department at 301-618-3100.