Am I eligible for benefits?

You are eligible to participate in our benefits program, if you are an active full-time employee (budgeted to work 36 or more hours a week or in the Weekend Alternative (WEA) Program) or part-time regular employee (budgeted to work between 20 to 35 hours per week or in an Every Other Weekend Alternative (EWEA) Program. On Call Float Pool RNs are also eligible to participate in our health plans but may do so by paying the entire insurance premium without a Dimensions subsidy.

How do I enroll into the benefits program?

You will receive an orientation to our comprehensive benefit program during your Entry Orientation, usually the first day of your employment. You will need to enroll on-line through the Self-Service module of our HR/Payroll system and you can do so at your office or home computer or at any of our employee kiosks located conveniently in all of our facilities.

When will I become covered by benefits?

You will become covered on the first day of the month following your initial 30 days of employment. Current employees who change into a benefits eligible status will become eligible as of the first day of the month following the change.

Will Dimensions cover my dependents?

Your dependents may be covered as long as they meet our reasonable eligibility requirements outlined in our annual Benefits Guide. Please remember that you must provide proof of your dependents' eligibility and provide us with their Social Security Numbers. The proof must be provided by the end of the month in which you became eligible for benefits or your dependents will be taken off coverage.

What is our Plan Year?

The employee benefits calendar coincides with the calendar year. Our annual Open Enrollment season takes place during the last two weeks of October and benefit changes take effect on the following January 1.

How do I make changes in my coverage?

Outside of your initial enrollment period and the annual Open Enrollment, you may only change your benefits during the plan year if you experience a qualifying life event, such as loss of a spouse's coverage or birth of a child. When you make a change due to a qualifying life event, you may only make a change that is consistent with the change in life event. These qualifying life events are listed in our annual Benefits Guide. If you experience a qualifying life event, you will have 60 days in which to make a change in your benefits. These changes must be made using the Enrollment Change Form.

How does the life insurance benefit work?

The life insurance benefit is spelled out in our annual Benefits Guide but briefly has four components:

Core Life Insurance for yourself is equal to one times your annual salary for full-timers and for part-time regular employees the equivalent of your annualized salary as if you were full-time.

  • A Life Insurance Credit per pay period for full-timers (equal to 1x coverage for staff and 2x coverage for managers) which can be used to offset the cost of additional coverage or, if you do nothing, you will receive the Life Credit as additional pay,
  • Optional Supplemental Life Insurance to purchase additional coverage, and
  • Optional Spouse/Dependent Life Insurance.

When will I become eligible for the retirement savings plan?

Within a week of receiving your first paycheck, you will be mailed enrollment material directly to your home by our 403(b) administrator, MassMutual. Please follow the directions in the enrollment package by enrolling on-line at the MassMutual website. As of your fourth pay period from hire, you may enroll in the Plan or change your deferral percentage at any time.

If you have not actively selected funds in which to invest, your funds will be invested for you in the applicable Target Date Funds through T. Rowe Price. Our Target Date Funds – also known as a lifecycle or age-based funds – are mutual funds designed to provide a simple investment solution through a portfolio whose asset mix becomes more conservative as the target (retirement) date approaches.

Who is eligible to participate in the retirement savings plan?

Employees are eligible to contribute by deferring wages into the 403b. All employees budgeted to work at least 1,000 hours per year will receive an employer contribution equal to 2% of their per pay period gross into our 403(b) retirement savings plan starting with your fourth pay check. They will also receive a 50% matching contribution for every dollar they contribute up to 4% of their per pay period gross. Employees who are budgeted to work less than 1,000 hours per year but actually do work at least 1,000 hours and are still actively working will receive their employer contribution and matching contribution early in the following year.

When am I vested in the Dimensions Health Corporation Retirement Savings Plan?

You will always be 100% vested in your elective deferrals, rollovers into the Plan, and their earnings. Vesting for the Employer Contributions is based on Years of Service. You are 100% vested after 3 years of service. To earn a year of service, you must be credited with at least 1000 hours of service during a Plan year. Please refer to the 403b Summary Plan Description for further details.

How many days of paid leave will I receive?

Dimensions combines vacation and sick leave into a Paid Time Off (PTO) benefit which provides you with the flexibility to use your leave as see fit. New employees receive 23 days of leave a year (pro-rated on actual hours worked for part-time regular staff) and managers receive 25 days. Your PTO benefit increases with your years of service and the maximum PTO carryover is 400 hours. In addition, we provide six paid holidays to eligible staff. Please refer to the annual Benefits Guide for a more complete description of our paid leave benefits.

How may I stretch my paycheck in coordination with the benefits program?

Our benefits program is very flexible and allows you to customize your insurance coverage to meet you and your family's needs. If your spouse is covering you with health benefits, we also have an opt-out election that puts extra money in your paycheck. You may also participate in our flexible spending account program which let's you use pre-tax dollars to pay for eligible expenses. We provide a life credit to full-time employees through which you can purchase supplemental coverage or receive the credit as additional pay in your biweekly paycheck. You also are able to trade in Paid Time Off (PTO) to offset the cost of your premiums or for cash. Please refer to the annual Benefits Guide for more information and the applicable Human Resources policies for a more complete description.

We reserve the right to modify, amend, suspend, or terminate any plan at any time and for any reason without prior notification, unless coverage is provided under a collective bargaining agreement. The benefit plans are governed by insurance contracts and plan documents, which are available on the self service site or through the Human Resources Department. Should there be a discrepancy between this document and the provisions of the insurance contracts or plan documents, the provisions of the insurance contracts or plan documents will govern.