Water births available in Birthing Center

Women have been giving birth without medical aid since time began. In our dedicated birth center, we offer women the opportunity to experience a natural childbirth without medication or monitors, but with the security of knowing there is a fully equipped L&D right down the hall just in case.

Our comfortable birthing center rooms offer a home-like atmosphere with a regular bed, full size shower in a private bathroom, and an in-room Jacuzzi tub for general relaxation and water births. Rather than the sound of monitors, mothers are encouraged to bring in their own choice of music, and family members (even kids!) are welcomed and encouraged to be there for the birth. The birth center rooms are supported by our certified nurse midwives who also have access to all the interventions and capabilities of the traditional labor and delivery department, should the need arise.

The midwives will be there throughout the birthing process and are trained to know if and when medical intervention is recommended or required. Because the birth center is right around the corner from the labor and delivery unit as well as the Special Care Nursery, UM Capital Region Medical Center maternal-fetal medicine and neonatologists are available 24/7. This means that you are in great hands if you deliver naturally or if you need some help.