Newborn Baby

UM Capital offers a range of delivery options to meet any birth plan, from a 'no medical intervention' natural birth to a high intervention emergency cesarean section. With our dedicated Special Care Nursery, UM Capital is proud to be able to care for the most vulnerable premature and sick newborns with expert care and compassion. Over 1000 babies are born at UM Capital's UM Prince George's Hospital Center (UM PGHC) every year and we treat each delivery like the incredibly special event that it is.

Our team of highly skilled and compassionate certified nurse midwives, labor and delivery nurses, obstetric hospitalists, neonatologists and maternal fetal medicine specialists are trained to handle any birth situation, no matter how straight forward or complicated. Our birthing options are collocated on a special floor and wing in the hospital and include:

  • Traditional labor and delivery suites for low to moderate and high risk deliveries
  • Delivery operating rooms for planned and emergency cesarean sections
  • Birthing Center for low intervention natural birth
  • Special Care Nursery for pre-term and vulnerable newborns

Whatever your desired birth plan, UM Capital is here to help you deliver a healthy baby.

Recognized for Excellence in Obstetric Care

At University of Maryland Capital Region Health, our specialist team of medical professionals – neonatologists, maternal fetal medicine specialists, certified nurse midwives, obstetricians – demonstrate their commitment to delivering healthy babies every single day.

  • Staffed by University of Maryland Medical Department Neonatologists
  • Recipient of Healthgrades 2018 and 2019 Excellence Award for Obstetrics and Gynecology
  • Recipient of Healthgrades 2018 Excellence Award for Labor and Delivery
  • Recipient of Healthgrades Top-ranked Five Star Rating for Vaginal Delivery
  • This means our performance is statistically significantly better than expected
  • We have received this rating 4 years in a row!