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the bariatric specialist team at UM Capital Regional Health

Francis Dent, MA; Donna, Front desk; Darshieda Thompson, Surgical Scheduler; Mishawn English, Practice Manager; Agelica Garcia, MA; Dr. Marc S. Rickford, Board-certified Bariatric Surgeon; Mickie Fick, Bariatric Coordinator; Danielle Ward, Office Coordinator

UM Capital is privileged to have one of the area's foremost experts in minimally invasive bariatric surgery as the Medical Director of our program. Board-certified bariatric specialist Dr. Marc S. Rickford joined UM Capital with the specific intention of creating a world-class program to serve the residents of Prince George's County and the surrounding areas. He has hand-selected his team of bariatric support specialists, from the program coordinator and nutritionist to his surgical medical surgical physician assistants, with the mission of helping his patients achieve permanent weight loss and a healthier life.

Marc S. Rickford, MD, FACS

General Surgeon, Bariatric Specialist

Dr. Marc S. Rickford is a general surgeon and bariatric specialist with extensive experience in minimally invasive techniques for both bariatric procedures and complex hernia repair.

Being able to perform bariatric surgeries using minimally invasive and laparoscopic techniques was a game changer for weight loss surgery, and a key reason why Dr. Rickford decided to specialize in it. "Open bariatric surgeries expose the patient to more complications because of the stress on the body, the length of hospital stay and the high incidence of hernias after the procedure. With laparoscopic techniques, the length of stay is usually just one overnight, the patient is up and walking in 6 hours, and they experience significantly less post-operative pain."

Dr. Rickford specializes in minimally invasive Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy, "Roux-en-Y gastric bypass" (RYGB) and Adjustable Gastric Banding, all performed laparoscopically.

Dr. Rickford is the Medical Director of UM Capital Region Health’s Bariatric Surgery program and has built the program based on his 15+ years of experience in bariatric surgery and over 2500 successful bariatric procedures. He has developed protocols for a general bariatric program that include health and psychological assessment and nutritional counseling to help ensure a high success rate and offer his patients a longer, healthier life.

Mishawn English

Practice Manager

Francis Dent, RMA, CMA, LIE, EMT

Bariatric Medical Assistant

As a medical assistant, Francis is responsible for documenting your medical history and tracking your overall health. He will check your vitals at each visit and generally prepare you to see Dr. Rickford. Francis is your primary liaison throughout the process and wants to be sure each patient has a good experience when they come to the office.

Andrea (Mickie) Fink, BSN, RN

Bariatric Program Coordinator

Mickie is your first point of contact as you decide if bariatric surgery is right for you. She will answer your questions about the process including your insurance eligibility verification, help you navigate the pre-surgery health assessments and generally hold your hand throughout along the way.

Mickie has been with UM Capital Region for many years. She has always had an interest in weight loss nutrition. She joined Dr. Rickford's Bariatric Program because she understands how hard it is to lose weight and keep it off and how frustrating it can be to not see the scale move - or worse, watch it move in the wrong direction. Mickie struggled with weight for most of her adult life so feels she can relate with her patients, especially after finally losing over 80 pounds herself.

Mickie's role as the Bariatric Coordinator includes scheduling and managing the information sessions that are required prior to scheduling a consultation with Dr. Rickford and overseeing the support groups that provide a safe environment for patients to share their experiences and help each other stay on track.

Angelica Garcia

Bariatric Medical Assistant

Darshieda Thompson

Surgical Scheduler

Darshieda's prirmary responsibility is to schedule your surgery. She will help you get all your referrals for consultations, track your progress through that process and ensure that you have all the required clearances to be scheduled for surgery. She also works with you and your insurance company to ensure you are approved for surgery and that your insurance company will cover the cost. As you prepare for surgery, Darshieda will be your 'go to' person for all logistics of the surgery, from initial referrals to scheduling the actual surgery.

Danielle Ward, RMA, CMA

Office Coordinator

Danielle's is often the first face you will see at the front desk when you walk in the office.