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If you or a loved one are considering bariatric surgery, we invite you to attend an information session where you will meet Dr. Rickford and other members of the team. These sessions are intended to provide you with valuable information about the surgery, the procedures and the process so that you can make an informed decision as to whether bariatric surgery is right for you. 

During the session, Dr. Rickford and his team will:

  • Review the qualifications for bariatric surgery
  • Review the benefits of the surgery and the expectations for weight loss
  • Discuss the pre-surgery health evaluations that are required or recommended
  • Discuss the need and process for the medically supervised pre-surgery weight loss
  • Review each surgery in detail
  • Review the post-surgical lifestyle regimen that is required including diet and exercise

The session provides the perfect opportunity for you to get all your questions answered so that you can decide if bariatric surgery is right for you.

Participation in the information session is required prior to scheduling a consultation with Dr. Rickford.